About Us

We’ve been working in home furnishing for over 40 years. In that time, we have seen styles come and go – and then come back reinvented. People’s needs and ways of living are always evolving. So, we did some experimenting and introduced a folding wall-mounted desk. Thus, Holly & Martin was born.


Holly & Martin is a curated collection of multifunctional furniture that enables your lifestyle.  We believe homes should be lived in and not adapted to and space should be maximized without hindering convenience. Our mission is to create smart and thoughtful pieces that produce stylish and uncomplicated rooms.


Imagine a home that works for you – no remodels, no moving. We’ve found ways to take what you have and transform it to what you need. Floating desks put your walls to work and transform a corner into a workspace. Doors become hidden storage compartments, and mirrors keep your coats a secret. Every inch of your home enhances your lifestyle. Efficient spaces create clear minds that make happy people.


Here’s to you and a well-decorated, organized life.


*Holly & Martin is a subsidiary of Southern Enterprises, LLC