Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and as I’m part Irish I always get a little excited. I don’t have enough green in my life so here’s a round up for you and me of great green things to add to your home and your life! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Jiti Pillows $59.99






Dransfield & Ross Malachite Placemat $75




Design For Living Iced Beverage Cups $14.99


Green Glass Moroccan Lanterns $7.20





Smorboll Duvet Cover and Pillow Case $24.99





Pressed Glass Flower Knob $4




Bertoia Side Chair Green $539





Anthropologie Soft Focus Dessert Plate $14


What’s your favorite shade of green? Kelly green? Sea foam green? Pea soup green? Blue-green or green-blue? Emerald green? Maybe you’ll figure it out tomorrow but either way don’t forget to wear to a hint of green! Have a safe weekend!

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One Response to St. Patricks Day Roundup

  1. Nice picks!  The tones of green are gorgeous!

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