Ivy Decorative Mirror (coming soon) | Dakota 6pc Numbered Hook Set $59.99 | Leila Decorative Mirror (coming soon)

I love accessories, and I tend to have a rotating stock of home decor and wall accessories around our house. Martin thinks I’m completely obsessed, and maybe I am, but it is one of my favorite parts of our brand! We’ve recently added some very modern accessories, from reclaimed wood wall pieces to luxe nail head mirrors.

Torrey Mirrored Wall Art $69.99Natasha 2 pc Wall Panel Set $159.99 | Bamburgh Decorative Mirror $129.99

I know from personal experience that you have to love what you buy, otherwise you’ll wind up with a heaping case of buyer’s remorse. To avoid this, think about where your might place your wall art before you make your purchase, it will save you trouble in the end. Now, if you know you already have a secret stash of unused wall art I follow this rule of thumb – love it or lose it! This means either find a place for it now, and I mean now, or get it out of the house, you can donate it, re-gift it, or sell it via craigslist or eBay. You’ll feel better for it once you’ve tackled that unused pile of home decor!

What home accessories are you hoarding? Are you like me and need to be put on that show “Shopping Addicts”? Just kidding, I’m not that bad….yet.