After a long, cold winter, many people have “spring fever.” There is no better way to celebrate the snow melting, warmer temperatures and birds chirping than to throw a great party for spring. Many hosts know that before a party can be enjoyed; there are hours of planning and shopping that must be done. I love throwing parties in spring as it allows those of us who hibernate indoors during the winter an opportunity to get outside, mingle and have fun.

The first thing, you need to consider when throwing great spring parties are the invitations. Spring is all about vivid colors! If you wish to purchase your ready made invitations at a store, glue dried flowers on them for a personalized touch.  One year I attached a small label I purchased at an office supply store to packets of seeds and sent those as my invitation. As you can imagine those were a huge hit!

You may want to consider party favors for your guests. But the question arises, what can you give guests that attend a spring-themed party? How about giving your guests a small basket full of seeds they can grow in their garden or home? Of course, you will want to select seeds for their specific zone. If seeds aren’t your thing, many people enjoy candles. Present your guests with small flower scented candles such as lilac, rose or gardenia.

Decorate your landscaping with white lights hung in the trees. Paint aluminum cans, poke holes in them, fill 3/4th’s with sand and place lit candles on the sand for an added outdoor decoration. If you own a portable fire pit use it for nighttime lighting. Don’t forget about decorating with flowers and greenery as well.  I like to place clear bowls, filled with water and flowers as table centerpieces for my spring parties. If I have an ample amount of flowers, I will strategically place them on tables as well for an additional touch of color.

You can’t have a party without food. When throwing a spring party, consider picnic style dining, perfect for spring when it’s not too cold and not too warm. Finger foods, such as, sandwiches and sliced fresh fruit and vegetable allow the guest to mingle and eat. If you are anything like me, you may want to serve finger foods early during the party and then fire up your barbecue later on. Guests will enjoy the aroma of your ribs, hamburgers, hotdogs or chicken. Serve with side salads such a potato salad or macaroni salad. Remember that choosing table settings can be the best part, you might have a little work to do after the party but the results will be worth it.

Entertainment is important at any party, even at spring parties. If you have the lawn space, consider setting up croquet or badminton.  If space is limited for outdoor fun, you may want to consider horseshoes or bocce ball.  Children and adults alike will get in on the action! If you have younger guests or guests that cannot get around as easily as they once could, set up a flower arrangement table where the guests can create a small flower arrangement they can take home. This allows everyone an opportunity to have fun at an activity, and those that arrange flowers will have an extra party favor to take home!

Setting the mood is important. Remember to have soft music playing in the background of your spring party.