If you are hosting this year’s holiday dinner, you probably have a good idea already about what you’re going to serve. Maybe you’re cooking up your normal holiday recipes that always seem to be a big hit, or maybe you’re having all of your guests bring one item to the dinner. Perhaps nobody is doing the cooking this year and you’re just picking up the holiday dinner to bring home. Whichever route you’re choosing, I think it’s always good to make the table look as nice and presentable as possible. In fact, that’s one of my favorite parts about hosting a holiday dinner –  the table decorating! Here are some tips for a beautiful presentation this year, and some items that would make a great addition to the table.
Start off by selecting a great Holiday-themed tablecloth, no matter what kind of table you have. I normally don’t use a tablecloth, but I purchased one a few years ago that I use specifically for the holidays. Not only does a nice tablecloth bring together the look of your holiday feast, it helps prevent your table from getting dirty, which tends to happen as big holiday meals are often messy.

Once again, the same principal for tablecloths applies to place mats and napkins. I tend to keep the same place mats and napkins every year because they are already a great holiday color (green) so you might want to just use your normal place mats and napkins if they are a neutral or holiday color. You may want to consider purchasing a new and separate set, however, since they will become dirty after the meal.
I stick to the same plates that I use all year long; they are a plain white so they do the job and do not clash with any of the holiday colors. However, these are some cute holiday-themed plates from Crate and Barrel if you really want to go out for this year’s holiday dinner.
Serve up your delicious side dishes, such as mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, in these festive green bowls available Kohl’s. Price varies by size, but the four piece set is currently on sale for $58.49.

No holiday table would be complete with a traditional ceramic gravy boat and butter tray. Even the littlest things make a difference!
For any spills and cleanups, keep one of these festive kitchen towels handy.
These snowmen mugs from Kohl’s are great for coffee, hot apple cider, or some hot chocolate.

This is a great way to present some appetizers before the main course, or even any holiday cookies afterwards for dessert. Finally, it’s time to decorate the main course.  Whatever it may be: A turkey, ham, or goose, remember that this will be the centerpiece on your table and where everyone’s eyes will immediately go when they sit down for dinner.  One thing I like to do is purchase a bag of cranberries at the supermarket just to decorate the turkey dish with. It really adds a nice touch for only a few dollars, and you can always reuse them. We also like to add some parsley and sliced up lemons. This year, we will be adding turkey frills – those cute little glove-like caps that go at the end of the drumsticks.
What special look or item do you plan on working into your holiday dinner presentation this year?