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Washi Tape (and other DIY) Disasters

By tara December 28, 2015

This post is coming to life entirely for the purposes of hanging my head in shame. A timeline of disasters from 1 DIY project.

Maybe some of you will feel solidarity with me. Tweet or Instagram it @hollyandmartin #myhollyandmartin and help me feel not so alone!

Liquid leaf dripping onto paper towel Liquid leaf. It's pretty. It's also very, very liquid.

Paint drips. Here you see it on a paper towel. I neglected to take a photo of it allover my desk. I'm still scrubbing…

Pumpkin with paint peeling after washi tape removal Robble,robble...the struggle is so real.

Washi tape sticks. And sticks well. And on cheaply painted pumpkins, when you take off the tape you can kiss that paint goodbye.

Washi tape peeling off of painted pumpklin Peeling. Peeling. PEEEEELING!

Except when it doesn't stick…

Washi tape not sticking Seriously? Does this only happen to me? Am I on Candid Camera?

Tell me how it made that mess when part of it didn't even stick?

I tell ya….

Well that's enough makin' fun of my DIY ineptitude for now. Don't worry, there will be more…the struggle is real.



Furniture in this post: Lydock Console Table in White w/ Burnt Oak