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Warm up to Winter

By tara December 15, 2015

Jul 28, 2017 2:25:27 PM

Alas! The days of fall, they pass so darn quickly. How can it be December? HOW? I am so not ready. But I mean really, who is? Put your hands down, all of your super crafty mega-awesome peeps. I am not one of you.

Le sigh.

But I am ready to flip this entryway from autumnal décor to wintry wonderfulness. And since I love easy, y'all know this is gonna' be easy.

entryway decor, winter decor, console table Wintry weather outside leads to wintry fun inside!

Step 1 – reduce, reuse, recycle! I get to keep my drippy pumpkin, hellooo super thrifty crafter! Yes I am smiling and doing the pageant wave. Don't judge me.

winter decor, console table decor, entryway update for winter It's even pretty all zoomed in and such!

Swap out the orange and green punkin for a pretty tree that just bellows wintry mix, put the nuts in a glass container instead of the orange pumpkin – step 2, complete!

Winter cornucopia, winter decor Look, it's udder bird!

Update the cornucopia, move around the pine cones. Add a pop of color – and viola! Step 3? Dunzo.

holly & martin, home decor, entryway decor, fall decor

Before: Ultra-fall, ultra-fun.

Winter update, hallway decor, entryway decor Ta-da! So pretty!

After: Tis the season for chilly chic.

I feel so proud of myself. One DIY day. 3 different décor options. Self-five! Woot!


Furniture in this post: Daws 3pc Mirror Set in Navy, Red-Orange, and White | Lydock Console Table in White w/ Burnt Oak | Sawa Leaning Mirror – coming soon! | Toco Storage Accent Table – coming soon!