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Vibrant Lulu & Georgia Rugs

By Blogger February 5, 2013

Here is a breath of fresh air in the rug world. Lulu & Georgia carry accessories for all style types, glamorous, bohemian chic, vintage, eclectic, or cutting edge. Her Empress rug collection is stellar just by color alone, but the rugs come from the recycled materials of Indian saree cloth., which makes them two times as fabulous. Hello? Colorful and eco-friendly? Yes, please.

The rugs are almost too beautiful for the floor and absolutely could stand in for a wall art piece on their own. Especially if you're into the woven wall hanging trend that's sweeping the design community right now. One of these rugs could totes pass. Just imagine all the worldly flavor the blended colors would bring to the party.

Naiya Rug

I would add this purple gem to my bedroom, I know the color would pop against my current monochromatic color scheme. It has always been a struggle for me to tone down color choices in decorating my home, but for once I'm not thinking in terms of paint. I could absolutely add this rug to my house without making a huge time commitment like I would with purple paint, and if I needed a change after a while, I could always roll it up and move it to another room.

Kundra Rug

Also, another decor struggle I'm constantly battling is how orange my floors are downstairs. I believe at one time the original homeowner had carpet in the living and dining areas, and then one day said homeowner decided to pull up the carpet and/or flooring and expose all the concrete underneath, and then chose to stain it a rusty-brown-orange color. Don't get me wrong, I love having stained concrete, but, if I could tone down the orange, I would.

All that is to say, I like this orange rug and wish I could add it to the downstairs but I think the clash effect might be too much.

Savita Rug

 Lulu & Georgia have quite a few other rugs and host of other home goods, so drop in when you get a chance and peek around.