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Thrift Hunt: Wall Candy Under $70

By Blogger March 23, 2011

We all know that art can be expensive, so I've put together a list of some "art" that really can fit the budget but have fun at the same time. Some of these are things that I have things that I want and things that I plan on having.

From left to right starting at top:

Flamingo $49, Gone with the Wind Movie Barcode $17.10 okay I'm really in love with the ideas of these prints - the artist that created these took a movie and put each scene in the movie from end to end and then condensed the whole thing,  Ambassadors of the otherworldly $50 I just bought this recently but it's an odd shape and I'm waiting to have it framed, Savannah Story Bust $68, Snow White Movie Barcode $17.10 again I love love love these - you can actually just buy the card for about $3, Keep Calm and Carry On $17 wonderful words to live by circa 1939, Modern Baby Owl Clock $50, Dandelion Wall Decal $65 I have this on its way to me in the mail, Eclipse Clock $46

Honestly I have so many pictures that I keep accumulating I'm going to have to do a wall collage of them all. Maybe I'll borrow this concept from a great blogging couple who write for Young House Love.