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The New Rustic Revolution

By tara January 26, 2016

Welcome to the wild, wild west. Cue tumbleweeds and dust storms. Hear the wail of a miles away train, see the cloud of steam as it approaches…Wait. Stop. This isn't 1954. Western style doesn't just mean plaid shirts, cowboy boots (though I love me some good boots), and desert landscapes. Or John Wayne. But it does conjure some serious imagery that can’t be denied.

John Wayne and a train The good ol' days of cheesy westerns and bad film techniques. Do we miss 'em?

So how about we talk about the new, modern rustic? Mix gorgeous, grainy wood with seriously cool metals. Want some industrial chic with that western vibe? I think so.

Octavio Table has texture to die for! Look at that liming. Look at that contrast. <3<3<3

Helloooo gorge! I am absolutely drooling over this combo of sleek, hard metal and raw wood. And the fun grill plate at the bottom isn’t hurting curb appeal. At all. Pair it with more mixing: metal, wood, and don't be afraid of some mirrors.

Octavio room setting This picture belongs in a magazine!

You pretty much can’t go wrong with this new take on the Industrial Revolution + Western-y rustic hotness. It just = really stunning, hip furniture.

Octavio Table removable tray-top Wait for it...the top comes off!

Cue the awesome Octavio table. Seriously on pins and needles to get this guy. I want this in my living room NOW. Well, once I have a living room. My in-laws would probably not want me to arbitrarily redecorate their house.


Oh man, I am so asking when I get home. My next entry could very well be about the redeco of my in-laws spacious, but oh so outdated home.


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