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Where's Plume?

By tara December 4, 2015

In case y'all forgot, the last I heard from Plume was via text. He was in someone's car on his way to who knows where. Well now the cheeky bugger has finally decided to inform me where he is.

Where's Plume?

By tara November 27, 2015

On the way to…Plume in the Pumpkin

Where's Plume?

By tara November 6, 2015

Wining and Dining in San Francisco

Meet Plume!

By tara September 18, 2015

You guys know, I'm a lil' bit wackadoo. And I'm totally ok with it, I mean, life would be awfully boring if everyone was the same. And even worse if everyone was on the straight and narrow. I like to say that my brain thinks in undulating circles instead of straight lines. I think that’s why I do pretty aiight in the creative arts. I'm always thinking outside of the box because my brain doesn't have a box. More of a sphere really.