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Holly's Wall Art Tips

By Holly October 29, 2012

Personalized Art

By Blogger August 9, 2012

Really, really personalized art. As in art made from your DNA. Literally.

How to Choose Wallpaper for Your Space

By krys January 25, 2012


Furniture 101: How high is too high?

By Blogger January 31, 2011

My mother has been with me through pretty much every move I've made. Home to college dorms, college dorm to on-campus apartment, on-campus apartment to newer on-campus apartment, and now in my first apartment that isn't on a college campus. The last move or two she's dodged the heavy lifting but she has always, always been there to help me hang and rearrange my things. Most importantly she helps me figure out the correct height to hang my wall art. I'm notorious for hanging wall art way too high, maybe I'm trying to make up for my own short comings.