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Gifts For Your Special Someone

By shannon December 20, 2012


2013 Pantone of the Year

By Blogger December 17, 2012

The terrible events from Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook have weighed heavily on all of us. I'm sending lots of love and prayers towards all those involved, if you would like to find out more about how you can help those affected, please read this heartfelt post from Nice Girl Notes that contains links to several donation sites of the victims.

Gift Guide: Nerd Alert

By Blogger November 27, 2012

Once again, I find myself embracing my inner nerd to bring you some gift guides for those obsessed with today's popular books/movies/comics/tv shows (anyone a Big Bang Theory fan?) for the holiday season.

Round Up: Fathers Day

By Blogger June 15, 2012

Happy Fathers Day, to all the dads out there! Especially the first timer who are celebrating this day as a Dad instead of just for their Dad. Without my Dad I know I wouldn't be who I am today, many of the best parts of myself are because he helped shape me that way. Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful Dad!

Round Up: Mothers Day

By Blogger May 11, 2012

Have you been postponing your Mothers Day shopping? Well fear not! It's Compartment Life to the rescue! Sorta, or more like online shopping inspiration to the rescue! Give your mom the gift she deserves. I would totally tell you what me and my sister got for mine but she actually reads this blog so I'll just have to share about it on Monday.

DIY: Frame a Name!

By krys February 15, 2012

Do you remember the days when you liked someone so much you’d spell their name all over a blank page? Remember hearing the name clearly over a buzzing crowd? Remember when saying the name out loud sent butterflies to your stomach? Well, what a better way to say, “I love you,” then with your loved one’s name? A great gift idea is to give your loved one a customized photo of their name. Here’s how you do it.

Top Holiday Gifts for Design Lovers

By krys December 23, 2011

While buying gifts for the holiday season can be stressful at the best of times, this situation can be even more trying when you are purchasing gifts for a person who is particular about design. Luckily though, in order to alleviate some of this stress, I have compiled some of my top gifts for design lovers for this holiday season.  Read on to learn more about some of my top holiday picks for that design lover your list:

The Art of Gift Wrapping

By krys December 14, 2011

No matter how you are decorating your home for the holiday season this year, I always feel that the one thing that really brings everything together isn’t necessarily the Christmas tree, but what’s found underneath: Presents! Beautifully-wrapped Christmas presents, in my opinion, really are the best holiday decoration you can incorporate into your home. It’s usually the first place where anybody looks when they come over, and people will definitely notice if they’re wrapped up nicely. I know that for some, it may seem silly because these presents will simply be torn into by the end of the month, and all that time and meticulous detail that was put into the perfection of present wrapping is destroyed in a matter of seconds. However, not only will the recipient truly appreciate the work that was put into the gift before tearing up your masterpiece and probably comment on how nice it looks, they truly will enhance your home.

Elegant Christmas Décor Ideas for Your Home

By krys November 27, 2011

Decoration Ideas for your Christmas Yard

By krys November 25, 2011

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