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Color Wheel: Mermaid Net + Milestone + Winter Green

By Blogger November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving is upon us! As a quick detour from all the oranges and reds and browns, I found this soothing image of winter greens and pulled a few products from the web that you might like if you enjoy this color palette.

Round Up: Earth Day

By Blogger April 20, 2012

This is a little bit of a different round up today. While I do want to show you some cool things I found for the Earth Day theme I also want us to keep in mind what the purpose of this day is all about: Being mindful of your carbon footprint and getting outside to appreciate our great Mother Earth. So in conjunction with some steals from around the web I've done a small round up of some eco/earth friendly projects for you to tackle this weekend to celebrate Earth Day!

Spring Cleaning Fresh Ideas

By krys March 19, 2012

Whether you live in the north or the south, spring cleaning is a common chore which many perform in order to rid the winter blues. Clearing your home of unwanted clutter, dust, and other material can create more space, a brighter living space, and a freshly cleansed home feeling.  Typically, most people will pack up their winter gear and store it during their spring cleaning, but forget about making a home feel like spring has finally arrived. Creating a home that not only feels fresh and smells fresh is a great way to alleviate the winter blues. Here are five spring friendly ideas that not only tidy up a space but help welcome in the new season!

How to Decorate Your Bedroom Caribbean-Style

By krys December 15, 2011

Location, Location, Location

By Blogger October 6, 2011

As you may know I was able to spend most of last week on location with Angelo Surmelis for his video/photo shoot for the next installment of his furniture line for angelo:HOME. While it was tough work and long days, we had a blasty-blast! Or as my girl Deena would say "this was a good time!"

Swanky Succulents Part II

By Blogger June 3, 2011

Last week I fessed up that I have jumped on the succulent bandwagon (read about it here). Well I went a little nuts at Market Street and made an impulse buy in front of their store in the form of two young succulent plants. And when I say impulse buy most of the time that's a kind way of saying that I spent too much, $5.99 a plant! Yikes. But they were cute and I literally could not control myself.

Swanky Succulents

By Blogger May 27, 2011

I have officially jumped on the bandwagon. I am in love with this seasons "it" plant. When I first kept hearing the word succulent immediately I would think of a cactus, and I was all like "I live in Texas, whoop-tee-frickin-do! It's not like I've never seen a cactus before." I was wrong. The arrangements that keep presenting themselves at stores and online just continue to stun me with understated beauty.

Thrift Hunt: Spring Flings!

By Blogger May 17, 2011

Long John Season

By Blogger November 30, 2010

Of course, as soon as I start to get comfortable on my newly adorned patio, it decided to get cold. Since it's about time to bring your plants in for the winter you may need some help with giving your pottery an update. Check out these planters and pots that are sure to bring some warmth to your plants and indoors.