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Round Up: Earth Day

By Blogger April 20, 2012

This is a little bit of a different round up today. While I do want to show you some cool things I found for the Earth Day theme I also want us to keep in mind what the purpose of this day is all about: Being mindful of your carbon footprint and getting outside to appreciate our great Mother Earth. So in conjunction with some steals from around the web I've done a small round up of some eco/earth friendly projects for you to tackle this weekend to celebrate Earth Day!

Swanky Succulents Part II

By Blogger June 3, 2011

Last week I fessed up that I have jumped on the succulent bandwagon (read about it here). Well I went a little nuts at Market Street and made an impulse buy in front of their store in the form of two young succulent plants. And when I say impulse buy most of the time that's a kind way of saying that I spent too much, $5.99 a plant! Yikes. But they were cute and I literally could not control myself.