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Pinterest Challenge: Halloween Spider Eggs

By Blogger October 30, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Ombre Style Paper Lanterns

By Blogger July 10, 2012

Happy Pinterest Challenge Day! It seems like I've been waiting for this day all year when really it was only a couple of months ago that I completed the last challenge. You can see it here. First and foremost, let me thank the lovely ladies that put this together, Kate from Centsational Girl, Michelle of Ten June,  Katie of Bower Power, and Sherry from Younghouselove.

Pinterest Challenge: Christi's Dining Table

By Blogger March 14, 2012

Next up to share a pinterest project is my good friend Christi Fitch. She also contributes posts every now and then as well and has the most excellent grasp of color when it comes to home decor, painting and pretty much anything that has to do with color. If she says paint your room gun metal grey or sunburst orange., YOU DO IT. Why? Because Christi said so. Anyways I digress, she also wanted to take part in the Winter Edition of The Pinterest Challenge.

Pinterest Challenge: Becca's Lamp Revamp

By Blogger March 14, 2012

I also had a few friends who don't have blogs but also wanted to participate in the pinterest challenge. I said "send 'em my way!" And they did. First up is Becca, you may remember some of the projects she's done in the past such as this headboard and this canvas art. So this time around she decided to revamp a couple of lamps she had purchased a while ago from an online website.

Pinterest Challenge: Shannon's End Table

By Blogger March 14, 2012

Ahh I'm so excited I can't even wait to share this season's pinterest project with you all. I've had some majorly positive feedback from my past two pinterest projects so I'm very excited to continue this seasonal tradition. This past fall I did a project involving empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls, you can see it by clicking this link, and last summer I did a mason jar project which you can also catch up on by clicking here. This all began from one of my favorite bloggers (Sherry from Younghouselove) and some of her buds saying lets actually start attempting to recreate the inspiration that we've been pinning. Thus bringing us to: