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Product Review: The Zhush Frame

By Blogger October 26, 2011

Last week I received this beautiful picture frame from The Zhush, an online store owned by Sue De Chiara. Sue also writes a blog you can frequently find me on (click here to check out her blog) about all things home decor and fashion. *Side note* I sooooo wish I knew enough about fashion to write about it, but alas I must follow the fashion blogs to even begin to know what to wear in the morning. But I digress, the frame I was sent is a brilliant turquoise color and made of a very sturdy hard plastic frame. It comes with a glass inset (not the plasticky kind of picture cover like some places include) so it looks elegant. The frame has a really vintage retro feel in its shape while the bright color keeps it extremely hip and modern.

Vintage Printables

By Blogger August 31, 2011

Looking for something fresh and colorful to add color and life to your wall? My good friend Beth Blinebury of Beth Blinebury Design has shared some free prints that she created and sent to us for you to download. You might remember Beth from her Compartment Visit she submitted a week or two ago. Aside from creating eye-catching and mentally simulating prints, she has a beautifully decorated home, she somehow finds time to run her own design business, and is busy planning her own wedding!