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Round Up: Pyromania

By Blogger June 22, 2012

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you can't have an inviting glow about your house. With all these things I've rounded up you can have the glow without the added heat, because trust me, in Texas, we don't need any extra heat. Adding a candle or lantern to a room just adds another layer of comfort and warmth, or bring votives and lanterns outside for a beautiful evening glow on your patio. By this time of the year, the fireplace industry has hit a slump due to lack of demand for heating devices, but here's the good news they start really dropping prices when summer approaches. It's kind of like buying bathing suits in the winter, or Christmas lights in the spring; you always find the best deals when things are in their off-season. Anyways I digress, instead of trying to add a glow with real wood and flame, you can add a visual glow with an electric fireplace and leave the actual heat setting off.

Swanky Succulents

By Blogger May 27, 2011

I have officially jumped on the bandwagon. I am in love with this seasons "it" plant. When I first kept hearing the word succulent immediately I would think of a cactus, and I was all like "I live in Texas, whoop-tee-frickin-do! It's not like I've never seen a cactus before." I was wrong. The arrangements that keep presenting themselves at stores and online just continue to stun me with understated beauty.