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Posts tagged 'pantone'

Crazy For Color

By shannon September 30, 2013

color palette2

2013 Pantone of the Year

By Blogger December 17, 2012

The terrible events from Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook have weighed heavily on all of us. I'm sending lots of love and prayers towards all those involved, if you would like to find out more about how you can help those affected, please read this heartfelt post from Nice Girl Notes that contains links to several donation sites of the victims.

Color Wheel: Mermaid Net + Milestone + Winter Green

By Blogger November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving is upon us! As a quick detour from all the oranges and reds and browns, I found this soothing image of winter greens and pulled a few products from the web that you might like if you enjoy this color palette.

Color Wheel: Shale Gray and Holiday Red

By Blogger November 12, 2012

Color Wheel: Licorice + Eggplant + Drama Red + Ash

By Blogger October 22, 2012

Purple is my jam. Pun intended. Today, I found not only a great candied apple recipe, but some very dramatic shades of purple and red.

Color Inspiration: Yellow and Gray

By Blogger October 15, 2012

Color Wheel: Lagoon + Adriatic Mist 

By Blogger September 24, 2012

{Image source: Flickr}

Color Wheel: Lipstick Pink + Grass + Sherbert

By Blogger September 17, 2012

Color Wheel: Cream + Pumpkin + Yellow Squash + Manila

By Blogger September 10, 2012

Color Wheel: Evergreen + Electric Red + Bubble Gum

By Blogger September 4, 2012