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Furniture Facelift: Jamie's Media Stand

By Blogger September 27, 2012

Being someone who has a hard time with media selection and pretty much all things living room, when I saw Jamie's dresser turned media stand I had to share. Here’s her letter:

Condo Update: 50 Shades of Gray....and Coral Part II

By Blogger September 6, 2012

Condo Update: 50 Shades of Gray...and Coral

By Blogger August 30, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Shannon's End Table

By Blogger March 14, 2012

Ahh I'm so excited I can't even wait to share this season's pinterest project with you all. I've had some majorly positive feedback from my past two pinterest projects so I'm very excited to continue this seasonal tradition. This past fall I did a project involving empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls, you can see it by clicking this link, and last summer I did a mason jar project which you can also catch up on by clicking here. This all began from one of my favorite bloggers (Sherry from Younghouselove) and some of her buds saying lets actually start attempting to recreate the inspiration that we've been pinning. Thus bringing us to:

Cottage Bunkhouse Decorating

By krys December 8, 2011

Color Schemes to Suit your Home’s Personality

By krys November 16, 2011

If you know the different color schemes and how specific colors will play out in your home, you can choose the right color combinations for your home. Here is a "primer" on various color schemes that you may consider for your home.

Pinterest Wrap Up

By Blogger November 4, 2011

After Wednesdays Pinterest Challenge I've been sorting through the hundreds of Pinterest projects DIY'ers all over the globe created this week. There are so many talented people behind the pins on pinterest and many were inspired to get up off their behinds and create something beautiful. Many of the projects created from this challenge I've pinned myself, it really just inspires me so! Join me as I count down my favorites from ten all the way to number one from this months challenge!

Furniture Facelift: Shannon's Coffee Table

By Blogger February 15, 2011

As many of you know I like to upcycle pieces of wood furniture when I can. And I'm going to share my dirty little secret with you all, I purposely drive around on Sundays every so often and look for discarded furniture to remake. Sunday is the day that my neighborhood can put anything they want out on the curb and it will get hauled off to the dump. I think of myself as a knight in shining armor to these poor furniture pieces that have not quite hit their expiration date yet. This became quite a bad habit before I moved into my most recent apartment, and before I knew it my garage looked like an episode of hoarders. But unlike a hoarder I know how to host an amazing garage sale, and anyways long story short this table was one of the pieces I kept.