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Color Wheel: Evergreen + Electric Red + Bubble Gum

By Blogger September 4, 2012

Color Wheel: Newport Blue + Sea Glass

By Blogger August 27, 2012

{Image source: Brick House}

Color Wheel: Midnight + Matte Black + Gray + Gold

By Blogger August 13, 2012

A rich palette of deep hues.

Color Wheel: Salmon + Sage + Butter Yellow

By krys August 6, 2012

A Monday rustic color palette. Reminds me of old Italy.

Color Wheel: Brown + Tan + Weathered Wood

By Blogger July 12, 2012

Do you ever wake up and just sense the color of a day? For me today was a brown day, by brown I mean warm and calm. Sometimes, I'll wake up and I can tell that it's most definitely a red day. I guess I can just feel the end of a very busy week getting ready to draw to a close.

Color Wheel: Flora + Honeydew + Lemon + Sky

By Blogger June 4, 2012

Original image from Better Homes and Gardens

Color Wheel: Very Berry

By Blogger May 21, 2012

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Doesn't this drip-a-licious picture of ice cream take you back to your summer days as a kid? You know the ones where you chased that ice cream truck with a hoard of sugar hungry kids for miles? Take a look at this tasty color palette.

Color Wheel: Pink + Cream

By Blogger May 7, 2012

This weekend I got the chance to go to a champagne tasting and it was wonderful! It wasn't quite as beautifully prepared at the image below but it sure has my wheels turning about possibly hosting a beautiful outdoor champagne tasting on my patio....mainly because I found some vintage champagne glasses similarly shaped to the one below last time I went antiquing. I completely heart them! They're probably from the 50's and I just feel so chic when I get the chance to use them. I'm such a nerd.