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Round Up: Earth Day

By Blogger April 20, 2012

This is a little bit of a different round up today. While I do want to show you some cool things I found for the Earth Day theme I also want us to keep in mind what the purpose of this day is all about: Being mindful of your carbon footprint and getting outside to appreciate our great Mother Earth. So in conjunction with some steals from around the web I've done a small round up of some eco/earth friendly projects for you to tackle this weekend to celebrate Earth Day!

Tiny Houses

By Blogger September 8, 2011

This week I got a chance to catch up on my recorded shows on my DVR and I watched the latest episode of HGTV Design Star, I'm still team Meg, I've liked her spunky personality from the start. In the most recent episode the contestants were given the challenge of designing and furnishing a tiny house.