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Condo Update: Patio Furniture Update

By Blogger May 24, 2012

Summer is rapidly approaching and I'm eager to get my patio set up and functioning. All I brought with me in the move was a green chair that I redid last summer and it was pretty sad sitting out on the patio all by itself this spring.

Round Up: Earth Day

By Blogger April 20, 2012

This is a little bit of a different round up today. While I do want to show you some cool things I found for the Earth Day theme I also want us to keep in mind what the purpose of this day is all about: Being mindful of your carbon footprint and getting outside to appreciate our great Mother Earth. So in conjunction with some steals from around the web I've done a small round up of some eco/earth friendly projects for you to tackle this weekend to celebrate Earth Day!

Add Furniture To The Great Outdoors

By Blogger March 15, 2012

Adding furniture to your outdoors extends your living space when weather permits. Many people enjoy spending time outdoors, including me. After a long, cold winter inside my home, I simply cannot wait until I can sit outdoors and relish in the natural beauty around me. Of course being able to sit outside, or hold parties outside furniture must be added. Typically, most people do not want to throw a blanket on the ground and enjoy an afternoon or evening uncomfortable without back support or outdoor furniture.

Great Party Ideas for Spring

By krys February 22, 2012

Quickie Fall Projects

By Blogger October 17, 2011

There is just something so invigorating to me about fall. I love everything about it, the occasional rain, a slight chill in the air, and the holidays that come with it. It's the only season I actually make an effort to welcome into my home decor every year. I went on a googling mission to find autumn-themed DIY projects that not only bring nature indoors but incorporate fallish things in a stylish way. Here are 3 simple projects that involve stuff you have around the house and a few things from Mother Nature.

Easy ways to create multi-season small outdoor living space

By Blogger October 4, 2011