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Round Up: Americana

By Blogger May 25, 2012

Happy almost Memorial Day weekend! I'm feeling some Americana decor today, mainly in the form of blues and reds. Americana decor is such a broad category and you use the theme in your home without it looking like an American flag took over. Just subtle hints here and there is all you really need. As long as you don't have an American Flag you should be fine.

Keep Calm and Carry On

By Blogger May 22, 2012

You are probably all familiar with the Keep Calm and Carry on poster. This past year we have seen background in every color from blue to yellow and I'm certain I've even seen a color blocked one at one point.

Thrift Hunt: Wall Candy Under $70

By Blogger March 23, 2011

We all know that art can be expensive, so I've put together a list of some "art" that really can fit the budget but have fun at the same time. Some of these are things that I have things that I want and things that I plan on having.