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Livin' it Up in TVLand

By tara September 10, 2015

Hey ya'll. Guess what? Interior designer Vanessa Antonelli from NessaLee Baby totally used Holly & Martin® to decorate Kendra Wilkinson's kiddo's room. AND it was featured on Kendra on Top!!!!! Yeah, you heard that right.. If you happen to be an addict, specifically check season 3, episode 11 (Paradise Lost and Found). Right about ten minutes in you'll see the Hangz Anyway Shelf! Not that I'm an addict or anything. Quit looking at me like that. I can feel your eyes through the computer.

Hammer Time

By Blogger February 12, 2013

Yesterday, I was sending thoughts out into the Twitter-verse when I came across this gorgeous  image from Elle Decor Magazine.

Vibrant Lulu & Georgia Rugs

By Blogger February 5, 2013

Here is a breath of fresh air in the rug world. Lulu & Georgia carry accessories for all style types, glamorous, bohemian chic, vintage, eclectic, or cutting edge. Her Empress rug collection is stellar just by color alone, but the rugs come from the recycled materials of Indian saree cloth., which makes them two times as fabulous. Hello? Colorful and eco-friendly? Yes, please.

Custom Wall Coverings by Casart

By Blogger December 19, 2012

Being a former apartment dweller myself, I know how strong the urge is to personalize an apartment. No matter how temporary the living situation may be. Unlike most people though, I have a hard time suppressing the urge to paint. However, if you're not the painting type but you still want to add a personal touch to your home without making it permanent this might be the product for you. A new line of removable and reusable wall coverings is now available from Casart.

2013 Pantone of the Year

By Blogger December 17, 2012

The terrible events from Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook have weighed heavily on all of us. I'm sending lots of love and prayers towards all those involved, if you would like to find out more about how you can help those affected, please read this heartfelt post from Nice Girl Notes that contains links to several donation sites of the victims.

Guest Post: Celebrity Home Style For Less

By Blogger December 12, 2012

Holiday Season Decorating

By Holly November 29, 2012

Living In: The Big Bang Theory

By Blogger November 13, 2012

As most of you know, I'm addicted to TV. I absolutely love to watch shows and pick out things that I would have in my house from the sets. I think it all started with Friends, I actually bought one of those yellow frames to go around our peephole. And since I have always been a closet geek, I love Star Wars, read comics, and I even have a zombie survival kit (just in case), I really can relate to the characters on the Big Bang Theory.

October Instagrams

By Blogger October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! In case you didn't know, Compartment Life made its way onto Instagram. The place where anyone can be a photographer, or at least the place where everyone thinks they're a photographer, myself included.

Spotlight On: Hilari Younger of Design Star

By Blogger August 28, 2012

Many of you already know that I've had a design crush on Mrs. Hilari Younger of Design Star. It started back in season 6 when I picked my two designers I thought might win, one of them being Hilari Younger from Dallas. Well, unfortunately I was close but she lost in the second to last episode. When I found out she would be returning on the next season as part of the All Stars cast I was pretty pumped and needless to say cheered her on again. Last week, last Tuesday in fact, I was invited to a private VIP viewing of Design Star All Stars hosted by none other than Hilari Younger!