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Posts tagged 'herbs'

Gourmet Vacuum Meals

By krys December 21, 2011

Are your pants starting to feel a little tight? Maybe your demanding schedule is pushing you into bad eating habits, like eating frozen dinners filled with salt and preservatives, picking up fast food and cramming yourself with empty calories? If you are like me, you want to eat right but a healthy option is not always easy: lunch break at work it’s difficult to find something satisfying and quick; when I get home from a long work day I’m hungry and will eat junk food if something healthy isn’t a quick and easy option. So, here’s a remedy for our woes.

UFKO: Unidentified Kitchen Object

By Blogger February 8, 2011

When I was little I always used to snatch these out of my mom's kitchen and put them on the ends of my fingers and I had no clue what they were for until recently when received one for Christmas, I looked up inquisitively and was informed this was a garlic peeler. I just used mine for the first time, I tend to just buy pre-minced garlic but I gave this a go. Unfortunately I still don't have a garlic press...I had to chop the whole thing up.