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By Blogger September 5, 2012

A certain someone I know is getting ready to celebrate her 25th birthday. I'd love to not only get her a present that I know she'll appreciate but I'd also like to do a nice job at wrapping it as well. It's all in the presentation. I did some trolling through Pinterest and found a few ideas for wrapping Ryli's birthday present that wouldn't be expensive and would be almost as exciting as her present.

Things I Love Today

By Blogger May 30, 2012

The Art of Gift Wrapping

By krys December 14, 2011

No matter how you are decorating your home for the holiday season this year, I always feel that the one thing that really brings everything together isn’t necessarily the Christmas tree, but what’s found underneath: Presents! Beautifully-wrapped Christmas presents, in my opinion, really are the best holiday decoration you can incorporate into your home. It’s usually the first place where anybody looks when they come over, and people will definitely notice if they’re wrapped up nicely. I know that for some, it may seem silly because these presents will simply be torn into by the end of the month, and all that time and meticulous detail that was put into the perfection of present wrapping is destroyed in a matter of seconds. However, not only will the recipient truly appreciate the work that was put into the gift before tearing up your masterpiece and probably comment on how nice it looks, they truly will enhance your home.

Island of Misfit Earrings

By Blogger December 22, 2010

I'm a positive person and if you're anything like me you have a massive collection of earrings with missing mates that you cling to because you know that they are somewhere in your house, car or sink drain. Yet I still have faith that they will turn up one day even though I have moved two times, searched my homes top to bottom between moves, and they still have not shown up. This year I am going to give up my hopeless dreams of ever finding them again. This year they will be put to use.