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Kara Paslay Guest Post: Upgrading Your Furniture

By Blogger April 30, 2012

Hello there!  My name is Kara and my husband and I write the blog Kara Paslay Designs!   Tim and I work together doing all sorts of interior design projects.  I am the big picture girl and Tim is the detail guy and furniture builder.  Our favorite projects include doing custom installations or building custom pieces, but unfortunately that's not always in the budget.  When we are working with a smaller budget, there are a few tricks we like to use in order to make pieces feel a little more expensive or to make existing pieces work for us.  One of those tricks is changing out furniture legs.

Start To Finish: Mirrored Front Wine Console

By Blogger April 11, 2012

It's already been established that I'm a wine snob. I like heavy red wines, hey, years of working at a high end wine retail shop will do that to you. I apologize for possibly telling you that your wine sucks in advance. Like wine, I'm also quickly becoming a furniture snob and when the two areas meet I become completely impossible. Just kidding. I do like looking at different wine storage possibilities though however like this roundup of wine racks that you may want to check out. Currently in the pipeline of new products to hit the furniture market is a mirrored front wine console. Since this console hasn't quite made it into the photo studio yet I've put an instagram photo filter on it to make it pop!

Start To Finish: Console With Storage Baskets

By Blogger April 4, 2012

Furniture with function is always an easy decision. Let's be honest, when it comes to making a purchase and your stuck between an ottoman for $59.99 and an ottoman that has storage inside for $69.99 what are you going to pick? The one with storage inside right? The goal of a home furnishing designer (at least a good one) is create not only something beautiful but furniture that will serve multiple purposes. For instance the conception of this particular console table is not only to sit behind a couch with lamps on top of it looking pretty but also to provide storage.