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Home Office Inspiration

By Holly April 22, 2013

4 Simple Steps to Creating a Beautiful Sitting Space

By Blogger February 8, 2012

Coming from a person who loves to curl up like a cat with a blanket, a fireplace and the latest best seller (Currently I'm reading The Happiness Project! Shout out to Gretchen Rubin!). How do you go from chair in the corner to cozy comfy reading nook?

Easy ways to create multi-season small outdoor living space

By Blogger October 4, 2011

Bathroom Upgrade

By Blogger March 22, 2011

Bathrooms are hard. I get that comment quite often. People frequently mention to me that they want a tranquil simplistic bathroom yet they want function. Say what?! Simplistic function? Okay well lets just say we worked some magic on this bathroom. More storage was added to this bathroom to make it a more functional space for small space living, finished with a few personal touches.

Makeover: Claire's Loft

By Blogger January 26, 2011

Claire recently came to us with a need for more storage and function in her loft. She loved entertaining but she didn't want her home centered around a TV, as she feels that can often detract from a space. So we picked a few key pieces to add some flair and some function and had a great time updating her loft.