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Furniture 101: Apothecary Chest

By Blogger May 16, 2012

Why is it that I can relate just about everything I see/experience/hear/whatever to the TV show Friends. It's been off the air for like six years and I still quote it like it was last nights episode. For example today I'm supposed to show you what an apothecary chest looks like and all I can think about is the episode where Rachel starts loading Phoebe's apartment up with the entire catalog of furniture from Pottery Barn. One of the things she adds to the apartment is an apothecary table and when she finds out Phoebe hates Pottery Barn due to it massive production of furniture Rachel begins making up stories about finding furniture at flea markets. To say that I"m obsessed with a cancelled show would be a slight understatement (Come on Friends Reunion show!!!)

Stress-less Parties for Christmas

By krys December 10, 2011

My mother is an amazing woman who always has the spirit of Christmas emanating from her around the holidays. I wanted to know about some of her secrets for getting into the mood for the approaching holiday festivities so I asked her to give me some insight as to how she can do it all during the holidays. Here is her account of how she throws spectacular get-togethers for everyone without adding stress to the season.

Famous Apartments

By Blogger August 19, 2011

I will admit when I'm not working, reading or shopping, I do enjoy my fair share of TV and movies. I watched Friends religiously when I was a teenager and will forever lust after the purple walls and open floor plan of Monica Geller's Apartment. I'm such a nerd I even bought myself her little peephole frame and put it on my own front door. Yeah, I'm a geek like that.

Furniture Facelift: Becca's Dumpster Headboard

By Blogger July 8, 2011

I must be rubbing off on the people around me. My good pal Becca came to me with this headboard she rescued from the garbage truck. It's a little dingy and a little banged up but you'd never know after Becca finished with it! This headboard was just leaning against the dumpster, all but forgotten from society, when Becca came and dragged off scooped up this guy and brought him home. I love happy endings!

Moving 101: Four to Six Weeks Before Moving

By Blogger April 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning

By Blogger March 10, 2011

It's getting to be about that time of year again. It's finally starting to warm up here in the south and I feel like I'm almost done with my hibernating phases of the year. Unfortunately, it's also about that time to start dun-dun-dun...Spring Cleaning! (pause for effect) I know, but it doesn't have be as terrible as we all make it out to be. So lets channel our inner Monica Gellar's and get to it!