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Round Up: Office Space

By Blogger May 18, 2012

Just because you're in an office doesn't mean it has to lack style. All you need to do is find just a few bright and fun pieces like a bright chair and some fantastic wall art to go with your typical office furniture and voila! Space upgrade! I've thrown together two great looks with furniture mostly from Wholesale Furniture Brokers (except the wall art). They're having a huge online sale and these are just a few of the pieces you can get.

Floating Memories

By krys March 8, 2012

Is there a big blank wall in your home that is intimidating you? Maybe the thought of large work of art or photo seems like a good idea, because you know the space needs something larger, but you are afraid to pick just one? Maybe, you have you been admiring those lovely collages of photos, but can’t seem to figure out a way to put them on your wall? I understand your dilemma. I recently wanted to fill a blank wall of my own. I had wanted to make it personal, but flexible. I also didn’t want the task of lining up all the pictures just so, creating a bunch of holes in my wall. So instead I decided to have a collage of interchangeable photos, so I decided to put the frames up on shelves.