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The Weekender Dallas Part I: Red Carpet Party

By Blogger July 31, 2012

This past weekend I was able to take part in a great event at the W Hotel in Dallas called The Weekender Dallas, a three day event of shopping, pampering and luxury. I was there for a specific purpose (more on that tomorrow) but I was also really fortunate to enjoy the event as a guest as well. Things kicked off in style on Friday with the red carpet party and fashion show. Me and my coworker, Toni, fit right in, first by getting all glammed up and then hoping into the fancy-pants party bus. You'll have to forgive this top image as the limo/party bus was so bouncy, it was hard to get a clear shot.

The Design District of Miami

By krys December 1, 2011

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida, not too far from the Design District. I now live about an hour north, but I make trips down frequently and try to visit the area whenever I get a chance. From fine arts to fashion, to furniture showrooms and lines of shops selling all types of home décor—the area features a little of everything to appeal to the artistic side in everyone. The Design District of Miami is a place that leaves you feeling truly inspired to be imaginative, to experiment, and to create.