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Posts tagged 'distressed wood'

It's About Time

By Blogger September 20, 2012

I've been slowly injecting the color red into our downstairs. It just started coming in organically. First, it showed up in a picture above the bar, and then we noticed my plates and bowls were red, and then finally Ryli decided to paint her bedroom red.

Furniture 101: Distressing

By Blogger April 10, 2012

Furniture distressing is a happening trend right now in many industries from clothing all the way to furniture. You see it on pinterest and in stores, people are doing it on home make over shows and personal before and after stories.

How does free sound?

By krys January 5, 2011

As you know, we are fairly new to the blogging realm, but we're off to a rapid start. In only 2 months we've grown to over 1,000 Twitter followers and over 850 Facebook fans! Those numbers are in addition to the many daily readers that we're  so proud to call our own. We are very excited about this successful start and in order to show each and every one of you how special you are, we're holding a contest to give away a brand new Kitchen Organizer from Southern Enterprises (www.seidal.com).