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Fall Patio Design

By Blogger November 1, 2012

{Image Source: Natural Home and Garden}

Round Up: Spooktacular Decor

By Blogger October 19, 2012

Round Up: Typography

By Blogger September 28, 2012

Giveaway + Round Up: Industrial Chic

By Blogger September 14, 2012

Winner Update! The winner of the ferm LIVING birdcage print pillow is: LUNA RAVEN!

Round Up: Tick Tick Tick

By Blogger July 13, 2012

Writers block. Not total writers block, just writers block for this one post. Which is crazy because I really enjoy rounding things up from around the web for you all, so try as I might I couldn't think of a decent theme for this post. I try to keep certain posts on certain days, Monday - Color Wheel, Tuesday - Furniture Terms, Wednesday - open for random, Thursday - DIY's and the like, Friday - Roundups, and Saturday - Weekly Deals. I don't always adhere perfectly to the schedule, and this week's Pinterest Challenge certainly threw off my schedule, but I try to keep it consistent. So, as Friday kept ticking closer and closer, I still hadn't started working on today's post (real time update it's now 10:17 am on Friday), then it came to me, clocks! Yep today's round up is all about time and clocks.

Round Up: Pyromania

By Blogger June 22, 2012

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you can't have an inviting glow about your house. With all these things I've rounded up you can have the glow without the added heat, because trust me, in Texas, we don't need any extra heat. Adding a candle or lantern to a room just adds another layer of comfort and warmth, or bring votives and lanterns outside for a beautiful evening glow on your patio. By this time of the year, the fireplace industry has hit a slump due to lack of demand for heating devices, but here's the good news they start really dropping prices when summer approaches. It's kind of like buying bathing suits in the winter, or Christmas lights in the spring; you always find the best deals when things are in their off-season. Anyways I digress, instead of trying to add a glow with real wood and flame, you can add a visual glow with an electric fireplace and leave the actual heat setting off.

Round Up: Flavor Rooms With Espresso

By Blogger June 1, 2012

Catch the pun there? I must be needing a latte fix...

Coupon Codes: 17thandRiggs, EZBuyFurniture, Buxnie, Sylvane

By Blogger January 10, 2011

Since you all have been sooo wonderful to my blog, participating in my kitchen contest, commenting on things you love, telling me when my posts stink and what not, I thought I'd reward everyone with some good deals. Here's some awesome furniture sites worth checking out and listed right in this post are the coupon codes you should use along with a recommendation or two of items to check out!