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Easy and Delicious Meals with a Slow Cooker

By krys January 26, 2012

I finally broke down and purchased that one item that I’ve been wanting and needing for quite some time now: A slow cooker. I’ve heard such great things about slow cookers. They’re convenient and easy - you throw in the ingredients you need to make a delicious meal and that’s that. The hardest part is the waiting, but that’s also the whole point of them, also. A slow cooker is great if you don’t have the time to cook dinner after work; unlike the bad idea of leaving an oven all day to cook, the slow cooker is designed to cook at a much cooler temperature and for a longer period of time. In fact, I’ve even seen some recipes that allow you to cook breakfast in it overnight.Another thing that appealed to me about slow cookers was the taste of the food that comes out of them. There really is nothing quite like meat that has been slowly cooking the entire day - it’s tender, moist, and juicy, something that the oven or a pot on the stove can’t quite live up to.There are so many different styles of slow cookers. No matter what the style of your kitchen and home is, you are bound to find one that you will love and that will fit into your design and color scheme. They are also small and compact, so it’s not a problem for those who don’t have much counter space in the kitchen.I purchased a black slow cooker by the brand Crock Pot for the great price of $29.99. I’ve seen slow cookers range all the way up to $100.00 and sometimes even more, and I was a bit apprehensive of buying an inexpensive one because of that whole, “you get what you pay for” saying. However, I don’t always believe this is the case and this purchase also proved that once again, that saying is sometimes not true at all.