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Take a free ride

By Blogger June 27, 2011

Okay well, it wasn't completely free but it was a great value. Two weeks ago I acquired a chair off of craigslist (read about that here). This summer really is the summer of old music jams for me. I have them playing in the background on my trusty record player while I carry out my various tasks of upholstering and crafting. Recently I was jamming to this.

New Dining Chair

By Blogger June 9, 2011

I've told many of you before that I'm uber cheap. So cheap in fact that I don't like to pay for my furniture. But sometimes you have to and I realize that, but sometimes you just get lucky on craigslist.

Small touches

By Blogger April 5, 2011

This weekend was spent weeding out the closets of my apartment, where I tend to store things I think I'll need. So this weekend I began going post happy on craigslist, I sold my record player from 1989 (that's just 2 years younger than me). I also sold a brass lamp that I spray-painted purple, an old wonky lamp from target,  and some string lights that I never used but kept for years because I thought I would hang them up eventually. I'm also trying my best to get rid of this coffee table someone gave me and I can't seem to give the thing away.

Furniture Facelift: Shannon's Aquarium Base

By Blogger December 14, 2010

Who's a fan of Craigslist?! So I bought this cheap aquarium and wooden base with the intention of creating a saltwater tank {I'm so excited!}. Problem is the thing was atrocious. I did a quick remake of it and it took me less than a day.