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By Blogger September 5, 2012

A certain someone I know is getting ready to celebrate her 25th birthday. I'd love to not only get her a present that I know she'll appreciate but I'd also like to do a nice job at wrapping it as well. It's all in the presentation. I did some trolling through Pinterest and found a few ideas for wrapping Ryli's birthday present that wouldn't be expensive and would be almost as exciting as her present.

DIY: Coffee Canister Makeover

By Blogger March 29, 2012

Tall, dark, and rich...........slow down, I'm talking about coffee! Without my morning coffee I transform into this grouchy old bear of a woman, so every morning I wake up and make myself some tasty coffee with a french press coffee maker. It's perfect because it makes just one cup, and me and my roommate both drink a different coffee roast so the one-hit wonder french press is ideal for us. So I decided to beautify this one little area of my kitchen.

The Midas Touch

By krys February 6, 2012

Are you looking for a way to jazz up an old frame? As a photographer, I am always looking at frames and what they can bring to an image. Sometimes it’s important for the image to stand alone and sometimes it’s fun to play and compliment the image with something interesting or fun!

DIY: Capiz Shell Wax Paper Chandelier

By Blogger June 24, 2011

This is going to be a lengthy post so settle in. I got obsessed with the idea of these chandeliers. They were literally everywhere I looked especially on Pinterest (which if you're not on it yet, you are missing out). I've always been a fan of capiz shell things, and this is no exception.

New On The Market: Craft Storage Pieces

By Blogger May 23, 2011

From trash to tumblers!

By Blogger March 4, 2011

I have been currently obsessing about the possibilities I have created for myself since I got my Ehprem's Original Bottle Cutter Kit. I spent the whole evening making a full set of drinking glasses for myself. I was pretty pumped about it. Here's my first official video blog, now you can put a face with the blog!