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Make It Or Break It Contest

By Blogger May 18, 2012

I know we're all die-hard pinterest fans, but have you checked out a site called The Fancy? It's like this cross between pinterest, facebook, and amazon. You can "fancy it" much like you would pin something, but this website is different in the fact that most of these items are sold through the Fancy. Here at Compartment Life we're going to run a little experiment. I'm going to show you two lamps and all of you are going to decide which one makes it out "alive". Plus we're going to give away one of each lamp at the end of the contest! Watch the video below to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

Use Fireplaces to Bring a Group Together

By Blogger August 22, 2011

I know, you're thinking "Shannon, it's only August! Why in the world are you posting about fireplaces?!" Well my friends, now is the time to score some major deals on fireplaces. Since summertime is not the most profitable portion of the year for fireplace companies many companies slash prices to improve sales. Also it's at this time of year when they clear out old models to make room for new ones, so many of last years fireplace models are on clearance.

Coupon Codes: 17thandRiggs, EZBuyFurniture, Buxnie, Sylvane

By Blogger January 10, 2011

Since you all have been sooo wonderful to my blog, participating in my kitchen contest, commenting on things you love, telling me when my posts stink and what not, I thought I'd reward everyone with some good deals. Here's some awesome furniture sites worth checking out and listed right in this post are the coupon codes you should use along with a recommendation or two of items to check out!