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Color Wheel: Salmon + Sage + Butter Yellow

By krys August 6, 2012

A Monday rustic color palette. Reminds me of old Italy.

A Night In: Vanilla Flavored Coffee

By Blogger July 11, 2012

For the next girls night in you're going to want to remember this post! Krys, a friend of mine, also decided to partake in yesterday's Pinterest Challenge and muster up the gumption to take on one of her pins.

Decorating the Dinner Table for the Holidays

By krys December 22, 2011

If you are hosting this year’s holiday dinner, you probably have a good idea already about what you’re going to serve. Maybe you’re cooking up your normal holiday recipes that always seem to be a big hit, or maybe you’re having all of your guests bring one item to the dinner. Perhaps nobody is doing the cooking this year and you’re just picking up the holiday dinner to bring home. Whichever route you’re choosing, I think it’s always good to make the table look as nice and presentable as possible. In fact, that’s one of my favorite parts about hosting a holiday dinner -  the table decorating! Here are some tips for a beautiful presentation this year, and some items that would make a great addition to the table.

Gourmet Vacuum Meals

By krys December 21, 2011

Are your pants starting to feel a little tight? Maybe your demanding schedule is pushing you into bad eating habits, like eating frozen dinners filled with salt and preservatives, picking up fast food and cramming yourself with empty calories? If you are like me, you want to eat right but a healthy option is not always easy: lunch break at work it’s difficult to find something satisfying and quick; when I get home from a long work day I’m hungry and will eat junk food if something healthy isn’t a quick and easy option. So, here’s a remedy for our woes.

Winning Football Foods

By Blogger September 16, 2011

Football season has returned! Which means weekend football parties, so while your man might have control of the remote remember you can still have control of the kitchen. This weekend, instead of fatty chicken wings and greasy potato chips, try these pop-able recipes on for size during your next Sunday Football Hangout.