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It's About Time

By Blogger September 20, 2012

I've been slowly injecting the color red into our downstairs. It just started coming in organically. First, it showed up in a picture above the bar, and then we noticed my plates and bowls were red, and then finally Ryli decided to paint her bedroom red.

Color Wheel: Lemon + Lavendar + Magenta + Grape

By Blogger July 23, 2012

Why is it so much easier to pull color from food images? Or is that just my inner hungry girl justifying looking at pictures of donuts and cakes in the morning? I found this picture on pinterest with led me to its recipe on Heather Cristo Cooks. Maybe I'm just hoping that one day I'll actually attempt some of the recipes that I've pinned and blogged about. Last night I attempted to make one recipe I found on pinterest, it happened to be a DIY version of Frosty Paws ice cream. Wouldn't you know,  I didn't have one of the ingredients. So it's sitting uncompleted in my refrigerator to be completed tonight.

Round Up: Tick Tick Tick

By Blogger July 13, 2012

Writers block. Not total writers block, just writers block for this one post. Which is crazy because I really enjoy rounding things up from around the web for you all, so try as I might I couldn't think of a decent theme for this post. I try to keep certain posts on certain days, Monday - Color Wheel, Tuesday - Furniture Terms, Wednesday - open for random, Thursday - DIY's and the like, Friday - Roundups, and Saturday - Weekly Deals. I don't always adhere perfectly to the schedule, and this week's Pinterest Challenge certainly threw off my schedule, but I try to keep it consistent. So, as Friday kept ticking closer and closer, I still hadn't started working on today's post (real time update it's now 10:17 am on Friday), then it came to me, clocks! Yep today's round up is all about time and clocks.