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Buxnie.com Coupon Code!

By Blogger September 2, 2011

Contemporary furniture? Check. Interesting wall art? Check. Luggage, toys, pet products? Check, check, and double-check! Buxnie hits on a lot of my favorite categories, which is why I'm excited to take you through my recommendations and hook you up with one great coupon. Most people don't know how easy it is to achieve a chic look in your home on a budget but with the help of websites like Buxnie you can find comparative styles for less.

Coolgelsolutions.com Coupon Code

By Blogger August 17, 2011

Hopefully you've started to become acquainted with our "traditional" categories Geek Out, Designista, Neat Freak, Life of the Party, Granola, and Thrifty. We would love to share a new category with you, COUPONS! I'll be sharing with you a new coupon along with recommendations of what you should use that coupon for, so now whenever you see this category pop up in your feed, that is your cue to pay attention! For this installment of coups,  (don't you just love abbreviating things that don't need to be abbreviated?) you're getting a doozy of a coup!

Glass Coffee Tables Are Not Chairs

By Blogger July 27, 2011

Compartment Contest

By Blogger March 1, 2011

Coupon Codes: 17thandRiggs, EZBuyFurniture, Buxnie, Sylvane

By Blogger January 10, 2011

Since you all have been sooo wonderful to my blog, participating in my kitchen contest, commenting on things you love, telling me when my posts stink and what not, I thought I'd reward everyone with some good deals. Here's some awesome furniture sites worth checking out and listed right in this post are the coupon codes you should use along with a recommendation or two of items to check out!