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Poppin Bottles

By Blogger December 28, 2010

Being a lover of fine wines I have been on the hunt for the perfect wine rack and wine refrigerator. My biggest problem right now, is finding the proper place to store my prized juices {I have been known to store them under my living room couch}. I have always been a sucker for a crisp Pinot Gris, or a heavy heavy Zin, {Oregon has been amazing this year}, and so I need a good place to keep them fresh and even some room for them to age, or as we wino's call it “lay them down”. If you are planning on letting your wine age you will want to keep it in a cool place, so believe it or not you do not want to keep them in the kitchen if you can help it, as kitchens go they can get warm from ovens and other appliances. I decided to make a few wine rack and accessory picks that will not only get all of your bottles in one place, because people keep telling me I can't have them under my couch anymore, but they'll look nice too.