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DIY: Frame a Name!

By krys February 15, 2012

Do you remember the days when you liked someone so much you’d spell their name all over a blank page? Remember hearing the name clearly over a buzzing crowd? Remember when saying the name out loud sent butterflies to your stomach? Well, what a better way to say, “I love you,” then with your loved one’s name? A great gift idea is to give your loved one a customized photo of their name. Here’s how you do it.

Product Review: The Zhush Frame

By Blogger October 26, 2011

Last week I received this beautiful picture frame from The Zhush, an online store owned by Sue De Chiara. Sue also writes a blog you can frequently find me on (click here to check out her blog) about all things home decor and fashion. *Side note* I sooooo wish I knew enough about fashion to write about it, but alas I must follow the fashion blogs to even begin to know what to wear in the morning. But I digress, the frame I was sent is a brilliant turquoise color and made of a very sturdy hard plastic frame. It comes with a glass inset (not the plasticky kind of picture cover like some places include) so it looks elegant. The frame has a really vintage retro feel in its shape while the bright color keeps it extremely hip and modern.