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Condo Update: Dining Table

By Blogger May 10, 2012

As I near the end of my third month of living in my house I'm slowly beginning to see improvement. Like they always say "one step at a time". The step this week was getting a much needed dining table. While I do my fair share of eating at the coffee table (currently I still don't have one so it's more like eating in my chair) it would be nice to have a big table to spread out on instead of balancing my plates in my lap.

Pinterest Challenge: Becca's Lamp Revamp

By Blogger March 14, 2012

I also had a few friends who don't have blogs but also wanted to participate in the pinterest challenge. I said "send 'em my way!" And they did. First up is Becca, you may remember some of the projects she's done in the past such as this headboard and this canvas art. So this time around she decided to revamp a couple of lamps she had purchased a while ago from an online website.

Color Schemes to Suit your Home’s Personality

By krys November 16, 2011

If you know the different color schemes and how specific colors will play out in your home, you can choose the right color combinations for your home. Here is a "primer" on various color schemes that you may consider for your home.

Furniture Facelift: Becca's Dumpster Headboard

By Blogger July 8, 2011

I must be rubbing off on the people around me. My good pal Becca came to me with this headboard she rescued from the garbage truck. It's a little dingy and a little banged up but you'd never know after Becca finished with it! This headboard was just leaning against the dumpster, all but forgotten from society, when Becca came and dragged off scooped up this guy and brought him home. I love happy endings!