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Spring Fever

By shannon February 8, 2013

Spring Image

Add Furniture To The Great Outdoors

By Blogger March 15, 2012

Adding furniture to your outdoors extends your living space when weather permits. Many people enjoy spending time outdoors, including me. After a long, cold winter inside my home, I simply cannot wait until I can sit outdoors and relish in the natural beauty around me. Of course being able to sit outside, or hold parties outside furniture must be added. Typically, most people do not want to throw a blanket on the ground and enjoy an afternoon or evening uncomfortable without back support or outdoor furniture.

Makeover: Claire's Loft

By Blogger January 26, 2011

Claire recently came to us with a need for more storage and function in her loft. She loved entertaining but she didn't want her home centered around a TV, as she feels that can often detract from a space. So we picked a few key pieces to add some flair and some function and had a great time updating her loft.