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Back 2 School Cool

By tara August 12, 2015

Magic just seems to surround summer. Like tiny little glitter-filled butterflies buzz allover it. Maybe it's the suspense, the buildup of the wait. We wait and wait and wait for snow to melt and sun to shine, noses pressed hard against the window until they get too cold. But then it's July. And then it's the end of July…and tax free weekend, and everyone is freaking out like long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs.

Ace Your Space With Kirklands

By Blogger August 28, 2012

Moving Out: Colors and Patterns

By Blogger July 25, 2012

It's getting closer and closer to August. Meaning that not only is my sister headed off to experience the best 4 years of her life but that I'm going to get to help put together her dorm room. She's moving to her campus August 22nd and I'll be sure to give you all a big breakdown of what we deemed worthy of her dorm room. For now I'm loving this bold chevron print with accents of red and blue.