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Start To Finish: Console With Storage Baskets

By Blogger April 4, 2012

Furniture with function is always an easy decision. Let's be honest, when it comes to making a purchase and your stuck between an ottoman for $59.99 and an ottoman that has storage inside for $69.99 what are you going to pick? The one with storage inside right? The goal of a home furnishing designer (at least a good one) is create not only something beautiful but furniture that will serve multiple purposes. For instance the conception of this particular console table is not only to sit behind a couch with lamps on top of it looking pretty but also to provide storage.

Lobster Love

By Blogger February 13, 2012

I didn't ever think I was a fan of the color red. I mean I never wear it, it can't be found anywhere really in any of my previous homes. The only time I like red is when I'm....well really like I said I've never been a fan of red, until now. I have discovered the richness of the color lobster red. Maybe it's because it's almost Valentines Day and my normal grinchy self is feeling whimsical and romantic but lately there is just something about its boldness that really gets me pumped.