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Identifying Mystery Furniture

By krys August 8, 2012

We've all been there before, you see an awesome find at a thrift store and you snatch it up. Then you get home, and you start crafting your plan to make it like new again. What's the first thing you consider? For me, it's how to remake a piece into something that I love and fits my style while still maintaining its antique personality. I've often found furniture that I knew was A) not from this time period, and B) had no idea idea where it was from. How do you go about finding out where it's from? When one of my coworkers came to me for help with a set of vintage chairs with an unknown history I figured it would be helpful to show you how we found out about them. I've come to think of her as my "Dumpster Diving Partner In Crime". You might remember some of her other thrift/junk finds such as her couch she reupholstered a while back or the table she refinished for a pinterest project.