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We've Been Framed!

By shannon May 16, 2014

Frame wall #hollyandmartin #art #frames #framewall

Personalized Art

By Blogger August 9, 2012

Really, really personalized art. As in art made from your DNA. Literally.

Art Basel Miami Beach: Similar Artwork For a Fraction of the Cost

By krys December 7, 2011

Last week, Art Basel (pronounced Bah-zil, not basil, like the seasoning) returned to Miami for its tenth time. A popular annual art appreciation event that originated in Switzerland, Art Basel begun on November 30th for those with exclusive invitations, and celebrities such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer were in attendance. It became open to the public on Thursday, December 1st and I decided to go check it out.

Taking the 3-Way Approach to your Holiday Shopping Guide

By krys December 4, 2011

Do you ever feel like what you want  is just out of your price range OR you know something else is out there just like what you want but at a better price point?

Get Your Etsy On!

By krys December 2, 2011

Without a doubt, we all want to create the best looking space possible – whether you live in a dorm room, apartment, bungalow or penthouse. To do that, we need access to the most unique accessories available – however, where exactly do we find these elusive accessories?? The answer? Etsy!

Homemade Art Work

By Blogger November 1, 2011

For those of you in love with the idea of a frame gallery, one of the best parts is deciding what photos, art and memories you want to display. You may even already have photographs hanging around in your closets and now you're just trying to decide what art to incorporate! Here's a couple of quick DIY art projects that are easy to do, easy on the wallet and they still look chic!

Funky or Junky?

By Blogger June 29, 2011

Bathroom Upgrade

By Blogger March 22, 2011

Bathrooms are hard. I get that comment quite often. People frequently mention to me that they want a tranquil simplistic bathroom yet they want function. Say what?! Simplistic function? Okay well lets just say we worked some magic on this bathroom. More storage was added to this bathroom to make it a more functional space for small space living, finished with a few personal touches.

Makeover: Claire's Loft

By Blogger January 26, 2011

Claire recently came to us with a need for more storage and function in her loft. She loved entertaining but she didn't want her home centered around a TV, as she feels that can often detract from a space. So we picked a few key pieces to add some flair and some function and had a great time updating her loft.