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Round Up: Tick Tick Tick

By Blogger July 13, 2012

Writers block. Not total writers block, just writers block for this one post. Which is crazy because I really enjoy rounding things up from around the web for you all, so try as I might I couldn't think of a decent theme for this post. I try to keep certain posts on certain days, Monday - Color Wheel, Tuesday - Furniture Terms, Wednesday - open for random, Thursday - DIY's and the like, Friday - Roundups, and Saturday - Weekly Deals. I don't always adhere perfectly to the schedule, and this week's Pinterest Challenge certainly threw off my schedule, but I try to keep it consistent. So, as Friday kept ticking closer and closer, I still hadn't started working on today's post (real time update it's now 10:17 am on Friday), then it came to me, clocks! Yep today's round up is all about time and clocks.